Tuesday, 1 January 2008

First month P+L - Up $10,000

So, the first month of Blogger Capital Management's existence, and I'm up a shade under $10,000.

Up £1,200 on owning Heely's, as it moved up 13%
Up $3,500 on selling a 2.00 straddle on Cable over the Xmas period
Up $5,500 on 2 leveraged shorts on the FTSE and the Dow
Up $1,000 on a short on Apple, where I sold at pretty much all-time highs.
Down $1,200 on shorting Crude Oil...a stop loss saved me from further losses

Fairly pleased with this, I expect going forward I'll be trading a little more actively, with more open positions. I'll also try and clean up the spreadsheet to make it more readable.

Looking forward to 2008, I think the trades I'll put on this week will be shorting US stocks and going long either 10y or 30y treasury futures, playing on the deflation theme that I believe in at the moment (see Mish if you still believe in inflation...), and I'm looking at shorting the FTSE versus getting long the CAC, as I believe France's efforts towards increased capitalism under their new(ish) president Sarkozy will benefit equity markets, unlike the increasing socialism going on in the UK under the Labour Party...plus I think the UK will be the next economy to hit major stress due to falling property values.

As always, I'll be posting every trade. Good luck to all in 2008. Lots of opportunities out there, and it should be easy to make money if you can see the big picture correctly.


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