Monday 10 March 2008

Portfolio updates

OK so as I just mentioned in the previous post, I got a little lazy with the blog over the last couple of weeks. Here's what I've been doing (and if you've any doubt I'm making this up, I'll just point out now that if I'd actually waited til today for most of these trades I'd have made a lot more money, so hopefully you'll believe me on this! Anyway this blog is here for me to keep track of my EXACT P+L, so all numbers completely reflect what I make, including all expenses)...most of it was covering existing positions:

March 4th, bought Downey Financial (DSL) at $24.04, having originally sold it on Feb 1st at $33.95, for a profit of $1,982. Was literally just a few hours early to cover this one, as the stock proceeded to plummet even further, and is currently at $19.78. Oh well, can't argue with a 29% return in one month. Still think this company goes bust, but thought I could trade it around a little.

Same day, I covered Vornado Realty Trust (VNO) at $82.34, having sold on Feb 1st at $90.70, giving a profit of $836 and a return of 9.2%. Like some other trades I closed out that I'm about to mention, I felt the size I had on was too small, so taking my profits and if it gets close to my original entry I'll get in in bigger size.

March 5th, I covered my Vodafone (VOD.L) short at 157.7p, for a total profit of $2,921. I'd sold a couple of times, some at 187.5 and some at 171.5.

March 6th, covered Mohawk Industries (MHK) at $69.64, making 11.2% in one month for a profit of $1,758. Again, still hate the company, but am a sucker for a profit and will sell any strong rally.

Same day, covered Hovnanian (HOV) at $8.51, making 15% in just over a week for a profit of exactly $3,000.

Also covered Centex (CTX) at $20.76, making 11% in just over a week for a profit of $2,540.

And covered Lennar (LEN) at $16.20, making 18% in one month for a profit of $1,065.

And FINALLY, covered General Growth Properties (GGP), making 11.9% for a profit of $902. Again, was just too small in this one unfortunately.

Phew! Back up to date with everything...current P+L ~$40,200, damn that Crude Oil short...


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