Monday, 17 December 2007

Closing my small S&P 500 Short

Just closing out my small short on the S&P 500 that I put on on the 4th of December. My timing for the entry was not great, as the market rose pretty quick from there, but at least that allowed my to put on some other shorts (see my FTSE and DOW Option trades). Market back down now, and I'm buying it back at 1460.25, for a profit of a HUGE $100 :)

Size was probably too small also, I probably want to make something like $5-10k on a 10% move in the market, so should have been about 2 or 3 times the size.

I'm still very bearish on the markets long-term, although we've had a nice sell-off during the last week, so may get a little stability. Considering taking my Dow options off, profit something like $2500 at the moment. I sold 13100 calls to buy 12800 puts, and just wonder if this may not work further from here if volatility dies down over Xmas. Will keep you posted!

5 day Dow Chart


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